Amadeus Issue 11

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Community. It’s always been at the core of this magazine’s existence. It’s what has helped get us to our eleventh printed issue; it’s what inspires us to keep creating; it’s what fuels our desire to collaborate. While amadeus started off as a small project, it’s always been a project based on community and collaboration, and has always functioned as a space for artists to present their work and express their creativity, and to design a network through which people working in different disciplines can easily access new information, ideas and each other. We see this magazine as an opportunity to associate and share resources with other like-minded artists and creatives who are interested in the collaborative nature of what we do. Three years later, we’re happy to continue to propagate our thriving community and culture, and are even more elated to see the roots of this magazine grow deeper, as the de nition of what amadeus truly is expands beyond the label of just a "print magazine."

Bijou Karman
Boo Johnson
Edward Cushenberry
Group Partner
Kelly Breez
LA Qoolside
Never Made
Scotty Stopnik
Sean Maung
Tag Christof

Cover: Samantha Grad / Marika Dahlin